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The Simple and Secure way to fight COVID-19 while protecting your personal information.

Integrated Identity is a fully encrypted mobile based solution that is GDPR compliant and has been built to ensure that citizens are in control of their own information, who can see the information and for how long.

No other solution will be as secure or as easy to use!

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Mobile Identity

C19 – Digital identity made secure and easy

COVID 19 is accelerating the need for an easy, secure and privacy centric way of identifying those that access public premises (restaurants, hotels, buses etc).

COVID-19 has a footprint that can last for up to 21 days and therefore it’s critical that health authorities are able to identify where people have been (and not just who they have come into direct contact with). In doing so, it’s essential that people’s privacy is protected and that only the minimum personal information that is necessary for Covid-19 tracing is ever released or accessed.

Integrated Identity provides a seamless ability for individuals to effortlessly “check in” to a public premises by scanning a QR code. All information is controlled by the individual and access is limited to where the individual provides explicit consent. Most importantly Integrated Identity does this in the most secure way possible by using encryption technology and distributed storage.


Upload your personal information via Integrated Identity.


Share your information with businesses using the MoH Covid-19 QR code.


As the sole owner of your personal information, you can check its use and control its availability when the risk period has expired.

Access Convenience


You can now take your valuable identity documents with you wherever you go. Accessing them is easy – anytime, anywhere.

Safe Data Storage


Upload and store your documents with confidence – information is fully encrypted, so security and privacy are assured.

Convenient data request


Share your personal information on your terms. You’ll be able to “check-in” by a simple scan of a QR code and know that your personal information will only be accessed in circumstances where you have explicitly consented.

Locations likely to track COVID-19.

COVID-19 has shown itself to be a unique virus that we are yet to understand deeply. It is not the first, nor will it be the last virus that challenges citizens globally. The latest research indicates that COVID-19 can stay on surfaces for up to 21 days. For this reason Integrated Identity will retain access to your information for this period. If someone contracts COVID-19 and it intersects your journey then the data will be accessed and you will be notified accordingly. After this time access to your data will be revoked. Below are some examples

At your favourite restaurant
On the train
At a hotel
At your local supermarket
Your local golf course
The Airport